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Changemaker. Community Trailblazer. Sacramento Region for all.  
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Stephanie Nguyen has fought to bring economic opportunity, health equity and social justice to the families whose lives are impacted most by these issues.


As an Executive Director of a local non-profit organization, Stephanie works with employers to provide paid on-the-job training to dislocated workers. Critical for building a healthy community, Stephanie also helps low-income individuals and families enroll in health coverage plans. As a member of the Elk Grove City Council, Stephanie draws from her experience in business and finance to help the city develop economically by supporting businesses thereby increasing jobs. 

We need a community trailblazer like Stephanie to lead our region towards economic recovery by making resources available to those who need them most, expanding opportunities for businesses and working families, and making insightful and effective policy changes to improve the lives of all residents in Assembly District 10.

Stephanie’s experience as a leader of a community-based organization has helped our city move forward during these unprecedented times. She has spent decades directly serving and advocating for our community and I am proud to serve this city with Stephanie.

She is what’s needed in the State Assembly.

Bobbie Singh-Allen

Mayor, City of Elk Grove


Backed by many people and organizations who have worked with Stephanie and believe in the work that she is doing.

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Jim Cooper, California State Assemblymember

Jim Cooper
State Assemblymember

I trust Stephanie to keep our communities safe. She knows first-hand public safety is of the utmost importance as her husband is a 15-year police officer. Stephanie also recognizes the challenges that small businesses and families face every day. She's been a leading voice against the rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes, fighting vigorously to end the violence. I proudly support Stephanie Nguyen for Assembly.

Kevin McCarty, California State Assemblymember

Kevin McCarty
State Assemblymember

I have worked with Stephanie for over 15 years. Stephanie is part of this community. She attended local schools before graduating from Sac State. As the Executive Director of Asian Resources Inc., she gives back to our community every day. I am proud to endorse her for the State Assembly.

Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer

Fiona Ma
State Treasurer

Shaped by her experiences in working directly with the diverse, changing and disadvantaged communities, Stephanie will continue to make an impact on the lives of all the communities she serves. We need Stephanie in the State Assembly to expand her impact.

Deborah Ortiz, Former California State Senator

Deborah Ortiz
Former State Senator

I am honored to support Stephanie Nguyen. Her story shows how much one person can make a difference in this community from providing opportunities to youth in disenfranchised communities to advocating for vaccine clinics - Stephanie shows up every day. She will do the same in the State Assembly.


Dr. Ami Bera
State Congressman

Stephanie's commitment to the health and well-being of our community is unwavering. When the pandemic hit, Stephanie immediately took action; administering thousands of COVID-19 tests and vaccines throughout our community. As a physician, I trust Stephanie to continue prioritizing healthy families in the Assembly as she has for the past decade as a non-profit director.


Help bring opportunity to our region by taking action, getting involved and supporting our campaign.

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