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Changemaker. Community Trailblazer. Sacramento Region for All. 

Read Stephanie's policy priorities here. 



Stephanie knows housing is No.1 priority for residents in Sacramento and Elk Grove. As a member of Homelessness Task Force for the City of Elk Grove, Stephanie was instrumental in obtaining $5 million dollars in State funding to provide housing and services to homeless individuals in our region, which has led to Elk Grove having the lowest homeless rate in the county. 


Stephanie has been a leader in providing for low-income and working-class families who lost their jobs and were facing eviction by spearheading a program to provide renters with rental assistance; helping people stay in their homes without forcing landlords to subsidize their housing costs. This helped keep people off the streets and in their homes. 


In the Assembly, Stephanie will continue to build upon her success at the local level; bringing fresh ideas and solutions to the homelessness and housing epidemic.

Public Safety

As the wife of a police officer and member of the Sheriff’s community advisory board, Stephanie knows first-hand the importance of keeping our neighborhoods safe. She knows that crime is on the rise, including serious and violent assaults, rampant retail theft and gang violence.  

In her positions as an Executive Director for non-profit and City Councilmember, Stephanie has worked with local police to curb gang violence and has been the leading voice in Sacramento to combat the rise of Asian hate crimes. 


There is a reason Stephanie has earned all the support of our local frontline peace officers and over 50,000 law enforcement officers statewide. She knows how important public safety is to maintaining healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. 

Stephanie Nguyen will be a fierce advocate for keeping us safe in the Assembly. 

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"Keeping them safe is my priority as a mother"

Economic Development

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Stephanie knows the struggle that small business owners go through everyday. As the Executive Director of a Community-Based Organization with an $8-million budget, Stephanie has hands-on experience in running a business. 


Stephanie also knows the economic struggle that many are getting through. Growing up in a low-income household where her family lived paycheck by paycheck, Stephanie knows the struggle that many residents in Sacramento and Elk Grove are currently experiencing. 

During her term as Vice Mayor for the city of Elk Grove, Stephanie used her experience in business and finance to help the city develop economically by supporting businesses and increasing jobs.


Favored by various chambers of commerce and business associations from both Sacramento and Elk Grove, Stephanie will fight for small business owners to thrive in our district. She will also create a better economy for low-income and middle class families in our district. 

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